Intelligent Business Research Services

We offer Research Services for any business environment for our clients in public
and private sectors. This signifies that our services support the development of country
strategies and policies for private firms and public sector organizations.

Industrial Analysis and Management

It's our business--helping you better understand your Industry.Through the design,
and analysis of customized industrial research,our team of experienced industrial
research professionals can help you discover insights into your unique industry.

Training and Consultancy Services!

We offer training services for corporates as well as individuals. With over 50
training personell we have endeared to provide the best training services in kenya
We offer consultancy services in any field.

All Inclusive Research Services!

While our competences lie in generating accurate and relevant knowledge to solve
strategic growth and entry problems, we also leverage our infrastructure to address
a wide range of requirements: Such as Consultancy, training, research and Reviews

Business Review Services

Writing Services
Business Review Writing Services
Business reviews are valuable for any business. They provide useful insights in to the state of a business, its strong points, potential or areas that require improvement. Business owners often u
IT Reviews
Networking companies are many and varied. They are also increasing rapidly as everyday dawns. This means that you should be careful as a potential client wishing to get the IT services of any net
Services Reviews
 If you are thinking of employing a particular company in Kenya but are not sure of how good their services are, it is time to get their services reviews from Thi
Website Review Services
  Have you ever wondered how websites related to yours are fairing on but had no clue on how to find out? This should not be the case for you can get all the website reviews you need from www.
Company Review Services
  From time to time, a company needs to boost its image by getting decent company reviews written on it. It is hard to get excellent company reviews that are authentic and do not sound fake. O

Business Consultancy

Consultancy Services
Web Design, Web Hosting & Domain Registration
If you are running a business in the 21st century, a website is a must have. In Kenya, internet use has been growing steadily in the last 10 years, and the trend is expected to continue. By 2010,
As an individual seeking a networking service provider, you have to choose the best one to ensure you get results. However, this is an uphill task especially if you do not know what to look for i
Information Technology Services
Information technology is the phenomenon that has brought about sophistication and digitalization of equipment that we use today. This is the dealing with computers where information is transited
Audit Consultancy Services
Getting an audit firm for your business can be a daunting task. However you can now get the services of an ideal audit service provider through a professional consultant. What can this kind of fi

Company Formation

Company Formation
Company Branding and Corporate Identity
A successful company is founded on the success of its corprrate image. Company branding is viewed by many as a creative art that is done with the name of a product or service by a company. Brandi
Company Incorporation Services
Over the last decade, Kenya has made significant steps towards positioning itself as a bigger commercial centre in the East and Central African Region. Among these are the improvement of infrastr
Company Seal and Stamp
A company seal and stamp is an important part of any business or corporation. Official documents should have a company seal and stamp to give them authenticity. When registering your company, it
Company VAT and Tax Registration
It is a legal requirement that every registered company in Kenya must have VAT and tax registration from the tax department at the Kenya revenue authorities. The process of registering a com
Name Search & Business Name Registration
A business name is simply the trading name of a business. It has nothing to do with the person or company owning the business in question. You need to have a genuine name search & business name

Business Writing Services

Business Plan
Business Plan Writing Services
  The Best Solution for your Business Plan. No matter what dilemma you are in Business Research Limited is here to write you the best business plan that will guarantee you that
Business Proposal Writing Services
The impression your business proposal makes can determine your success rate when seeking to secure financial support for your business, be it in the form of strategic partnerships, business contr
Web Content and Article Writing Services
On average, it takes a website visitor just seven seconds to decide whether to remain on a site, or click back and locate another site. This means, that unless your site is well written and
General Business Writing Services
To present a professional and credible front, every business should be able to communicate with its clients in a clear and concise manner. This includes any literature, promotional literature, w
Business Letters Writing Services
      Proper communication is very important in every business. Good communication will help to bring new clients, customers and good reputation to the business. We www.businessres


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Business Research Limited is a research 
Company founded and incorporated in Kenya. As the best research company in Kenya we believe that our excellence lies in the expertise, resourcefulness and diversity of our staff. Over the years business research limited has continued to proof itself over all other research companies in terms of cost efficiency, reliability and effectiveness in service delivery.  

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